Introducing Contributor Levels

As originally announced at Hi all, Last week, we introduced a new feature that we’ve been excited about for a while: Contributor Levels. It’s a fairly simple concept to explain this time. From “Contributor Levels exist to recognize users who give life to the site; an acknowledgment of value beyond delta scores. In order … Continue reading Introducing Contributor Levels

Re-evaluating Rules & Introducing Alternative Solutions

Text as originally posted to Hi all, When asked to justify our rules, our stance is that ChangeAView can’t be a free-for-all forum, as the most destructive behaviors would dominate and drive away those interested in our unique offering of productive discussion. This sentiment remains important. At the same time, we want CAV to … Continue reading Re-evaluating Rules & Introducing Alternative Solutions

Introducing Search, Improved Post Tagging, and Tag Settings

Text as originally posted to on July 3, 2019. Hi all, ChangeAView is still very much a work in progress, continuously evolving to best serve our mission. We are trying to adhere to the ‘Lean Startup’ philosophy when possible, which essentially means releasing the earliest version of something that allows us to start learning … Continue reading Introducing Search, Improved Post Tagging, and Tag Settings