About Us

Where do you go if you want to change a view—whether it’s your own, or someone else’s? Well, you’re here, so you already know! But this was one of our founding questions.

It can be hard to find the right people and environment for in-person discussion. Yet, the internet—the great connector and, in some ways, equalizer of our time—has largely failed to yield online solutions to this problem. Our options have essentially been limited to social media platforms, but it has become increasingly clear that the environment of these places often leads to heightened tensions.

We can do better. Important decisions are made every day as a result of our views, so how we talk about them together matters.

We started our journey to improve discussion in early 2013. Our first evolution was r/changemyview, a forum on Reddit, which has been a great incubator and helped us realize we have something special. But we reached a point in 2018 where it became clear we needed our own space to flourish, naturally leading to the creation of Change A View (CAV), which will take huge steps forward with:

  • Dedication & autonomy—this is a place devoted to the exploration of views, with a team that’s determined and able to make it the best user experience possible.
  • Rules & moderation—to ensure that discussions are good quality and made in good faith, iteratively-developed rules are enforced by human moderators with a set of tools and processes designed for our purpose at scale.
  • Incentive & culture—our delta system is naturally incentivizing the kind of productive, view-changing behavior we all want to see, and we will continue to build our community around this and a philosophy of civil discourse.

Our hope is that by providing the right environment for the right people to talk and gain understanding, we can undo some of the effects of the toxic debate occurring elsewhere.

Our mission doesn’t stop at our public forum. Read here (coming soon) to learn about our plans to integrate with education and other organizations.