Introducing Contributor Levels

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Hi all,

Last week, we introduced a new feature that we’ve been excited about for a while: Contributor Levels. It’s a fairly simple concept to explain this time. From

“Contributor Levels exist to recognize users who give life to the site; an acknowledgment of value beyond delta scores. In order to reach a contributor level, you must earn contribution points, which can be done a number of ways:

  • Make a new post = 10 contribution points
  • Comment as the Original Poster (OP) = 5 points
  • Comment in another discussion (not OP) = 2 points
  • Award a delta = 5 points
  • Earn a delta = 5 points
  • Report a comment or post that gets removed = 2 points

There are seven contributor levels:

  1. New Contributor (requires 10 contribution points)
  2. Rising Contributor (150 points)
  3. Established Contributor (500 points)
  4. Seasoned Contributor (1,500 points)
  5. Prolific Contributor (4,500 points)
  6. Notable Contributor (11,000 points)
  7. Legendary Contributor (33,000 points)”

Please note: the way this needed to be built means your level will only be calculated/awarded after your next contribution.

As always, we’d love to hear any thoughts or feedback you may have. Thanks!

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